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FEATURED in the "Petz and Animalz" Exhibit at the 3 Square Art Gallery in Fort Collins, CO.
Exhibit dates: January 31 - February 22, 2019

Fine art colored pencil drawing of endangered NZ Rock Wrens by Alyson Dana Singer
Rock Wrens In Conversation
*Private Collection*
Colored Pencil on Paper
11 x 14 "

This artwork was inspired by the New Zealand rock wren, or "tuke" (Xenicus gilviventris). A nationally endangered bird that lives in the high mountains (alpine) on the South Island.

Wrens are one of my favorite species of birds; they are usually very fast-moving, curious birds that have alot of spunk!

My goal of this artwork is to bring out the soul and spirit of each bird and animal I create.

For more information on these birds, see below link: